If you would like to access our church photos, text or email Gretchen Clayton with your email address:

If there is a death in our church family, please contact Jim and Linda Thomas:

Jim:  (870) 335-8965                    Linda:  (870) 335-8964

If you know of church members who are sick or in the hospital, please contact either :

Bro. Jim Bradley   (870) 476-7218, or 

Bro. Donnie Slatton  (870) 573-0186

If you would like to purchase flowers for a Sunday service, contact Katy Gifford at (870) 240-3490, to reserve the date, and Wendy Forbes with the information for the bulletin.  The cost of flowers is $50.00.

For transportation to church, please call Ernie Pruett at (870) 240-5308.

To add someone to the parayer list,  call or text Wendy Forbes at (870) 565-6821.  The deadline to submit information will be Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Together We Can Do Amazing Things

God Is Good, All The Time!!! Donations to the Brown’s Chapel Booth at Amazing Things Antique Mall & Flea Market has reached $32,317.09 for the church.  Thank you to all who continue to donate.  God does Amazing Things!!!  (No Clothing Please)